This part is critical to understand if you want to avoid your client's leads getting automated outreaches from our system after they respond.

Our system will stop all automated responses after we detect a response from the lead through a phone call, text message, or email.

It's vital to understand this works as long as the text or phone call is to the campaign phone number we assign or the campaign email address we assign.

If the client reaches out to the lead through a personal cell phone, or personal email, we have no way of knowing the lead has responded, and our system will continue to send messages.

The best way to handle custom lead notifications is to wait for the lead response notification the software sends out. The client will receive this and then can follow up with the lead as needed.

This will lead to an increased chance that a prospect that's already been talked to (in this case by your client, outside of the system) will be followed up with by the software.

Allow the system to work, and your client will get a notification when the lead responds.

At this point, the client takes over manually.