Some people have asked, "What is the best way to use Mission Control to get the most from this awesome tool?"

Sometimes it's hard to think of ways to use it, so we have a few examples and ideas here for you to help you!

Lead/Prospect Follow-up

The reason Mission Control was created initially was to help businesses see significantly greater ROI from their lead generation campaigns, by helping them close more leads and sales than ever before. There are few tools if any that help you do that more than our tool. 

Here are just a few industries using Mission Control to close more sales:

  • Mortgage/Loan Officers
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Home Improvement Contractors
  • Gyms & Fitness Instructors

Essentially, any business type or industry that relies on either online leads or word-of-mouth referrals can use Mission Control to automate follow-up and get more touches on your opportunities.

Bulk Communication to Existing Clients/Customers

Mission Control isn't just for lead nurturing — it's for nurturing relationships with existing clients and customers as well. With your ability to upload a list of your current clients, it's never been easier to send bulk email/voicemail/text to your loyal clients.

Here are a few examples of how/why you can do this:

  • Policy renewal notifications 
  • Claims updates (update client on status of claim)
  • Emergency situation (i.e. office closed suddenly or mass rate increases)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Listing updates (for Realtors)
  • Mortgage rate updates (to prospect for refinances)
  • Prospecting for referrals and/or referral partners
  • Happy Birthday campaigns

General Prospecting

  • Bulk out-reach to a list of leads/prospects/referral partners
  • Reviving aged/older leads that never closed

Google Review Generation

You can create SMS/Email campaigns that ask your current customers for Google Reviews, which help your local visibility greatly! Check the campaigns section of our Knowledge Base on instructions on how to create a review campaign.