Learn how to build your own custom drip campaigns

Creating new campaigns

The video below will show you exactly, step-by-step how to create a new campaign, either from scratch, or from a copy of an existing campaign.

Changing campaign names

Click on the "Campaigns" tab. Once you can see the Dashboard, click on the Preferences tab within the campaign. Enter in the new name for your campaign and make sure to scroll down and click SAVE to complete the change.

Send mass broadcast message to prospects

You can easily send a mass message (email and/or text) to your prospects. Here's how: Click on the "Prospect" tab to get started. First, filter the leads that are going to receive the mass message. How to filter prospects   Once done, click on "Ac...

Using merge tags

Merge tags can be used when creating a new Text message or Email for a campaign. They are used to "auto-pull" certain things into a message. Once you select a message type (Text or Email) you will notice a series of merge tags after the time opti...

Using cutoff times

Cutoff times are a feature meant to encourage more natural automated behavior.  If a lead opts-in browsing Facebook at 11pm on a Friday, she wouldn't expect to get contacted so late. If she immediately gets an email and text, that could be a bit o...

How to extend a campaign

If you are looking to make a campaign longer, the proper way of doing this is by adding an Email, Text Message, or Voicemail to your campaign. Please note: When adding Email, Text Message or Voicemail it doesn't mean you add 1 day for every messag...

Calling prospects from the app

You can call your prospects from the app with our auto dialer. In order to do it follow the steps from below: Click on the Prospect tab to get started. First filter the leads that you want to call (How to filter prospects).  Once done, click on "A...

Sending text responses to your own mobile phone

The way to do this is by downloading our mobile app (called Prospect Messenger). Here are the links to the mobile apps: iPhone = Android =

When does a campaign end?

A campaign ends when a prospect replies to any one of your outgoing messages (email, call or text)

What is a campaign number?

Campaign numbers are phone numbers we purchase and assign to users once you sign up for an account. Generally these numbers are in your client's local area codes. The campaign numbers are necessary for our system to send out the text messages and ...

Campaigns are not!

Troubleshooting #1 Are leads coming into the system? If so, move on to step #2. If not, often the culprit is an improperly setup Zap. Please make sure that the information the app is getting is what you want to send :) Troubleshooting #2 Are you...